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Domestiques (1996)Edit

The Delgados - Domestiques
  1. Under Canvas Under Wraps
  2. Leaning on a Cane
  3. Strathcona Slung
  4. Tempered, Not Tamed
  5. One More Question
  6. Big Business in Europe
  7. Falling and Landing
  8. Akumulator
  9. Sucrose
  10. Pinky
  11. Friendly Conventions
  12. Smaller Mammals
  13. 4th Channel
  14. D'Estus Morte
Bonus tracks on 2003 reissue
  1. Monica Webster
  2. Primary Alternative
  3. Thirteen Gliding Principles
  4. Een Telf
  5. Bear Cub

Peloton (1998)Edit

The Delgados - Peloton
  1. Everything Goes Around the Water
  2. The Arcane Model
  3. The Actress
  4. Clarinet
  5. Pull the Wires from the Walls
  6. Repeat Failure
  7. And So the Talking Stopped
  8. Don't Stop
  9. Blackpool
  10. Russian Orthodox
  11. The Weaker Argument Defeats the Stronger

The Great Eastern (2000)Edit

The Delgados - The Great Eastern
The Great Eastern
  1. The Past That Suits You Best
  2. Accused of Stealing
  3. American Trilogy
  4. Reasons for Silence (Ed's Song)
  5. Thirteen Gliding Principles
  6. No Danger
  7. Aye Today
  8. Witness
  9. Knowing When to Run
  10. Make Your Move

Hate (2002)Edit

The Delgados - Hate
  1. The Light Before We Land
  2. All You Need Is Hate
  3. Woke from Dreaming
  4. The Drowning Years
  5. Coming In from the Cold
  6. Child Killers
  7. Favours
  8. All Rise
  9. Never Look at the Sun
  10. If This Is a Plan
Bonus tracks on US release
  1. Coalman
  2. Mad Drums
Bonus tracks on Japan release
  1. Coalman
  2. Crutches

Universal Audio (2004)Edit

The Delgados - Universal Audio
Universal Audio
  1. I Fought the Angels
  2. Is This All That I Came For?
  3. Everybody Come Down
  4. Come Undone
  5. Get Action!
  6. Sink or Swim
  7. Bits of Bone
  8. The City Consumes Us
  9. Girls of Valour
  10. Keep On Breathing
  11. Now and Forever

Other SongsEdit

  1. Pull The Wires From The Wall
  2. Reasons For Silence

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