The Deep Dark Woods

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The Deep Dark Woods (2006)Edit

The Deep Dark Woods - The Deep Dark Woods
The Deep Dark Woods
  1. Dead and Buried
  2. The Straight and Narrow
  3. Bakersfield
  4. Mountain
  5. This Town Has Got Me Down
  6. Foggy Night
  7. Downtown
  8. Where Have the Summers Gone?
  9. Ramblin' Mind
  10. Summer Is Gone

Hang Me, Oh Hang Me (2007)Edit

The Deep Dark Woods - Hang Me, Oh Hang Me
Hang Me, Oh Hang Me
  1. Five Hundred Meters
  2. Hang Me, Oh Hang Me
  3. Redwood Forest
  4. River in the Pines
  5. They Won't Last Long
  6. Shores of Alabama
  7. By the Light of the Moon
  8. Journey Home
  9. Rumble in the Sky
  10. Glory, Hallelujah
  11. Big City Blues

Winter Hours (2009)Edit

The Deep Dark Woods - Winter Hours
Winter Hours
  1. Farewell
  2. Nancy
  3. How Can I Try
  4. All the Money I Had Is Gone
  5. Polly
  6. The Birds on the Bridge
  7. Two Time Loser
  8. As I Roved Out
  9. The Gallows
  10. When First into This Country
  11. The Winter Hours
  12. The Sun Never Shines

Additional information

Band members:
  • Burke Barlow - lead guitar
  • Ryan Boldt - lead vocals, guitar
  • Lucas Goetz - drums, backing vocals
  • Geoff Hilhorst - keyboards
  • Chris Mason - bass, backing vocals
Record labels:

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