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Who Are You, Defenders of the Universe?

This song is by The Dears and appears on the album No Cities Left (2003) and on the live album Thank You Good Night Sold Out (2004).

We want your information
We will do what we must
But not here or in front of people
Or on the phone

We're not all blood-sucking leeches
For we all have families too
But that don't mean that
We really love them or that we don't
'Cause I can't love you
And you can't love me
But I can love you
And you can love me

Love me

It's not a confrontation
(All across the world, open your mouth)
We are here because we are broke
(Give us what we want, we've had enough)
But we don't expect a hand out or anything
(Soul! Soul! Soul! Soul! Soul!)
'Cause I can't help you
And you can't help me
But I can help you
And you can help me

Help me
Help you
(It's not an impossible situation)
Help me
(It's not an impossible situation)

I know there is doubt we can do this
But I can help you

Written by:

Murray Lightburn