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We Can Have It

This song is by The Dears and appears on the album No Cities Left (2003).

Last night all the horrible things in life stormed through my dreams
And I just want to shut it up, shut it down, or shut it off
Going where we lost it all, yet things before are with us now

It hurts, it kills, it takes the joy
It brings no light, it brings no love

And what we want most is nowhere to be found
Some people care, they're going long, they're going deep
And still it's nowhere to be found
We're looking far, we're searching wide
Still, it's nowhere to be found
What we want is gone for good
It's simply nowhere to be found

Somewhere is the one
That never will burn out
Is out there
Looking for a heart
Looking for a home
Looking for a hand to stoke its head
You're not alone
And you never said I'll see you again
You never said I will
I will

Someone somewhere says they got it all
But that's not even what we want
Not even close, not even close

It wont ever be what we want

Written by:

Murray Lightburn

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