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Warm and Sunny Days

This song is by The Dears and appears on the album No Cities Left (2003) and on the live album Thank You Good Night Sold Out (2004).

We've been surrounded
For it was genius
There was no other way
And we know we won't escape
All of our time
Spent on warm and sunny days
From you there's nowhere left
I want to run

My arms are flailing
Am I a failure
My god the pressure's on
And I still don't have a son
My body's sore from sleeping on the couch because you're gone
These feelings that I have tonight
Waiting for the phone to ring
My stomach hurts, it's tearing us apart

There's nowhere left to run

I get so paranoid
I've got to think of warm and sunny days
Imagining and planning out the course of both our lives
but that is as far
As I am willing to go
Planning out the rest of both our lives
There's nowhere left to run
There's nowhere left to run

Written by:

Murray Lightburn

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