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​Cabaret College

This song is by The Dashboard Saviors and appears on the album Kitty (1992).

Well when I graduate from the cabaret college
When they hand me my diploma I will acknowledge
Time spent listening to late night lectures
Time spent learning rule and exceptions
Time spent waking to the same nagging questions
Who are you and what are you doing here?

When my finger do fall off and you get me a job
With your daddy's company, hell no they don't hire slobs
If you think it's easy working days, playing nights
If you think I'm being cynical, well yeah, you're probably right
Its embarrassing when your main concern is who's playing tonight
The reggae band out here, they're the best!

One thing I learned from it and a lesson hard taught
Worship some people long enough they'll start believing they're god
And when I graduate from the cabaret college (3x)
I'll pick up my diploma myself.