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​Ship At Sea

This song is by The Darlingtons and appears on the album Decades Dance (2012).

Verse one

Colours on the wall
Bodies fill the halls
Ring ears drown the crowd
I forget what I'm not allowed to say
It's not ok

Like a ship at sea
Trying to get to where it needs to be
Don't we all
Don't we all
Don't we all have some place we'd rather be

Verse two

Pictures in my head
Shadows from my bed
Voices and words break what's real
I forget if I'm supposed to feel ok
It's not ok

Chorus 2 (same as other chorus)
Chrous 3 (same as other chorus)

So I'll take this illness
And step out of the way
When the moon's casting shadows
And the sun has lost the moment
Cause the day is troubled
By tomorrows yesterday
I'm still waiting for a wave
To take me from the bay