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You Fool! Warren Is Dead!

This song is by The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets and appears on the album The Dukes of Alhazred (2017).

Now Harley Warren's a hell of a guy,
But there's a look in his eye.
He dragged me out to the swamp at night,
He wouldn't tell me why.
He's got a book, I got the lanterns,
Portable telephone.
We found a slab in the burial grounds and we lifted it off and he set down the stairs in the gloom.

"I'm all alone in a city of bone," Harley Warren intoned from the end of the phone.
He saw a thing that he would not tell
And then he pleaded that I beat it home.
I couldn't say how long I was there
Calling down for Warren, stupefied,
But there is one thing I'll never forget:
The gelatinous voice that replied

"You fool, Warren is dead!"

Give me a sign
That you're still on the line,
I can't leave you behind.
Is there something malign?
I got chills on my spine,
Am I losing my mind tonight?

Dead! Dead! Dead!
You fool, Warren is dead!