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Welcome To The Island

This song is by The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets and appears on the album The Dukes Of Alhazred (2017).

I have nothing...
Nothing to give,
And I have not a single reason left to live.
I take a boat
Into the open sea.
I am adrift, I am debris.

I am lulled by the ocean's rhythmic splash,
When I'm beset by a tempest in a flash.
My craft is rent,
My fate is clear:
My body washed up here.

What I was disappears;
I see my future here.
Time is clawing at my fate.

There is no fauna -
No sound of life;
The jungle's darkness as oppressive as a vice.
Upon the mountainside I find some human tracks,
And when I hear the drums there is no turning back.

Welcome to the island.

They writhe around the fire as if a dying snake,
Their flesh impaled, the mountain's bloody thirst to slake.
The altar glistens with the latest sacrifice
Before a toad-like idol with a thousand eyes.
The native cries seem to feed the flame.
Their eyeless faces turn to me and call my name.
Curtains of smoke recede, reveal a blackened throne, and I...
I am home.

Iä Tsathoggua!