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This song is by The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets and appears on the album The Dukes of Alhazred (2017).

As a boy, I'd enjoy learning all about animals.
As a child, I was wild for the fish in the sea,
And without any doubt you stood out as the champion
And I knew it was true where I wanted to be.

When they said you were dead they were showing their ignorance.
You're renowned, you're profound, you're alive and you're strong.
In my mind you're sublime, and I think that the world should know.
I attest you're the best so I made you a song.

There is no better than, I will take all I can

Missing link's out of sync with the crazy world of today.
You were gone for so long, didn't know what to do.
Is it wrong there's a song that is called Barracuda?
There is none, not a one, that is named after you.