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This song is by The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets and appears on the album The Dukes of Alhazred (2017).

I have the solution
To your mess of crime,
Scandals and pollution.
I have done the work.
Hey relax, there will be no delay.
All my little friends are on the way.

Wrap tycoons,
Fatcats, politicians
Inside silk cocoons,
Drain them of their vital juices.
Raise the flag!
Tyrantula tenure has begun.
We won't be around when it is done.

The time is now -
I'm gonna let my hungry spiders out,
Because they are the only ones who have the guts
To find and purge the world of all its human sin.
They will envenomate our failure!

We can spin a web of hope
Here in my Arachnotopia.
Nothing is beyond the scope
Of the grand Arachnotopia.

Listen to the misanthropes -
Start anew, Arachnotopia!