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This song is by The Dandy Warhols and appears on the album Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia (2000) and on the compilation Play It Loud (2005).

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Hey, I said you're godless and
It seems like you're a soulless friend
As spotless as you were back then
I swear that you are godless
Hey, I guess you're lonely when
I gave you all it took so then
A stranger there is ever been
I guess, it's what you wanted

Of late, it seems lonely I would be
I begged, I plead but this is all that I have gotten

Hey as for the day my friend
To hope that you could ever bend
I swear you are, I swear you are
I swear that you are godless
Hey, I said you're godless
Hey, and you're a soulless friend
Hey, I said you're heartless
And I swear, I swear

Godless, godless, you're godless

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