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​Mad Dialect

This song is by The Damage Manual and appears on the album Limited Edition (2005).

Take no denial
No for an answer
Make a wish and make it total
Take a risk and make it fatal
I love to be here
Because it means so much to me
I love the action
Of a forced conspiracy

The word was strong but you answered wrong
Mad dialects
Mad dialects
Broken glass of a language
Mad dialects
Mad dialects

Look for deception
No common truths
Link it up to every phone call
Say you lied then hang it up
Well it looks so doubtful
Just like everything's erased
The text is backwards
But it is hammered to the page

Corrupted future
Beneath your wires
Circuits floored by lie detectors
Blackout lights and resurrect
Well I see it surging
Just like it burns past other halves
And still submerging
Electric future never lasts