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​I Am War Again

This song is by The Damage Manual and appears on the album Limited Edition (2005).

You must have seen me miles away
Cannon weight on a steel blade
The night composed of wires alarms
The enemies agree to make

All my weapons burnt of stamina
Abused power behind barriers
All the misdemeanors close their eyes
There is nothing you can do

Dead inside the midnight hits
In slow motion
I am war again
I am war again
Make the brutal border lines
Back out of science
I am war again
I am war again

The uniform inside my mouth
Spits a cave into the virgin world
Glass shattered on the ghost of gods
Cuts a path where you can find me still

Carving "fuck yourself" on floodlit skin
Reminds me of the war I'm in
Camouflaged and cut devoid of life
The conviction read the same