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Driven Menace

This song is by The Damage Manual and appears on the album Limited Edition (2005).

The risk is worth taking, it's a shapeless rage
All analysis B-listed on the back page
It's a crime made of mine, it's a flawless shrine
It's a message to a man who's lost at this stage
Be careful how you are driven, gets so easy to live
Between the gestures of the fingers that you point with
Chanting "ha ha ha" at your favorite star
Like the menace ever liked you to begin with

I'm just a kid whose time expired before the show
Unknown menace driven nightly you should know
All the mysteries just irritate and strain
Driven menace back again

An endless list of surrogates burn agents to the ground
Habits formed and commerce broken voices thrown
The menace is mechanical, just meditates on speed
Medication-given life form - never breathe
Most of us manipulate the truth into a loop
Repetition then ignition then shoot
Madness driven menace as the temper counts to ten
In the shadows from the never know when

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