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Damage Addict

This song is by The Damage Manual and appears on the EP 1 (2000) and on the album The Damage Manual (2000).

Winter bruise, bring home the news
Bullet, door, implore reclaim a crimson fuse,
Break weight, under gun resolved,
Sick and solvent blister baby, black absolved

Stones' throw, strangled vice will crawl,
Steady, sordid uniform on hangman's' wall,
Car sick, wheels of bone and stain,
Misdirected epileptic hangman's' game.


Work fast damage addict clockwork shrine,
Switch craft hammer magic war design
Clock fast ticky tocky undermined
Work fast damage addict clockwork shrine


Fixed stare, broken unlit life,
Faded vein eternal cut by unlit knife,
Drop kick, window crushes arm
Stricken hand will nerveless under manual harm.

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