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​Little Baby

This song is by The D4 and appears on the album 6twenty (2001).

(1st Verse)
You see me baby
And you say, " See me after the show ."
Or maybe later, but I gotta go.
You say, " Come over my house,
I got the whole loaded . "
All right, shake little baby and show me what you got

Show me what you got (x7)

(2nd Verse)
She calls me on the phone
Sweet talking her lust
I said, " Hold back now, baby
You're just way too much . "
She says, " Well, I'm gonna go uptown.
Ready or not! "
And she did her, ew
And she showed me what she got

Show me what you got (x6)
Little Baby

(3rd Verse)
She got me standing there
Neck up to the bar
And she said,
" You and I riding in my car . "
Slow down, honey
You're driving too fast
She said, " No way,
Grab the wheel, step foot
Gonna step on your gas"
And show you what I got!

Show me what you got (x15)