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The Crystal Ocean

This song is by The Cult and appears on the box set Rare Cult (2000) and on the box set Rare Cult: The Demo Sessions (2002).

Life on the street shines
Twice as brightly
While I'm standing here
Along came a hustler
Trying to get my time
I don't need him
I don't believe in him
You know he's got another two offers
That I can't get on my own
Knotted hair and stinky shoes
I look my right what kind of hero are you?
Lovers and sinners come together
You best believe it take a bit for yourself
I don't need what you're selling
I believe too much in what I got myself
No no no
I don't need what you're selling
I can reach that high myself
Don't come around here with your tail down
I ain't no loser
You best believe in yourself
Poor dragged out souls
I've been walking on the street far too long
Take care of what you got
You'd best believe in believe in yourself
No no no
I feel like a star fighter
I feel good about the time
That I'm spending
That I'm working
Would you cool slide?

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