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Oink 2

This song is by The Cult.

Terrorise prophesise small town u.s.a.
Prodigal son napoleon with a gun he had it all to say
Can he just stand take this all
Shadow he was a wild one
Wild one wild one
Jimi was a nigger danny cool as any man
Took a shotgun in his hand
Turn it all around turn it all around
He walked back into the wrong town
??????? Waiting by his side
Jimi thought he'd better die
Turn it right on through to the night
Jimi shot them all on sight
Yeah j.f.k. he thought he had it all his own way
Flush it down flush it down he take me to the wrong town
Wild one terrorise and prophesise
Jimi was a danny man took a shotgun in his hand
Burn it up and burn it all down
Burn it all down now burn it all down now
Black moon and me

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