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This song is by The Cult and appears on the box set Rare Cult (2000) and on the box set Rare Cult: The Demo Sessions (2002).

A pale blue sky the mogul's eye
Thought he spoke yeah for simple folk
Death or hell the breath of love now
He ain't no block take it all to the top
Aquarian dreams wild one wild one
The death of hate is the Aquarian dream
Drift yeah doing off the scene
The Klu Klux Clan Jimmy gun in hand
And that war I ain't no whore
It's a wild one the prodigal son
The wild one the prodigal son
The cold war Jesus is a whore
The smoking lie the utopian mind
Twentieth century twentieth century bleeds
Missed link shift pacing me
The Klu Klux Clan c.m.v.
Hare Krishna Elsner jew clown
Feel that chiguan fill it up to your mind
Trying to buy that c.m.v. Take it all down
Hare Krishna the truth lies
By the roadside where children bleed
Ain't no time to lie ain't no time to die
Take it all out take it all down
Take it all down to ??????????

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