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This Lucky

This song is by The Cruzeros.

This lucky
- The Cruzeros

Made it through another winter

Coldest one I've seen in years

Lost track of time in some reality

I'm glad it's finally warm out here

My girls they've grown another foot or two

They were just babies yesterday

And I have grown more in love with you

I hope that never goes away

I should have been asleep a long time ago

But I can't stop this worried mind

And I get this feeling and I hope and I pray that I will stay

This lucky

All the time

"Service is slow and these steaks they ain't done right,"

I overheard some people say

Last time I was down in Mexico

I see little kids, hungry every day

A man told me that all these immigrants

They got no business being here

His hatred really shook my confidence

His ignorance was all tied up in fear

Chorus Instrumental break Chorus

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