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Rise Up

This song is by The Cross Movement and appears on the album Holy Culture (2003).

We're gon live this life
We're gon live it right
Not jus talk it but walk it
'Cause we're gon live for Christ
We're gon hold it down
Stone cold hold your ground
All my soldiers RISE UP
Spark the holy culture

(The Ambassador)
You know this squad is a collection of artist
Blessin our dad reguardless
Of the fact that we're engulfed in this godless
World that's spiritual broke like when folks are jobless
No spiritual ear like when corn is cobless
No spiritual sight, no optics
No wonder spiritual life is hard to grasp like rice wit chopsticks
We need our hearts fixed, pull out the heart kit
If change is gonna come, God has to spark it
We don't need another material object
You need to be re-plugged back in to God, He's the socket
We'll mediate on His law but wont exhuast it
God'll take our hearts and carve it like Boston Market

(The Ambassador)
Sin kills like arsenic, God is pure
But some can't stomach His cure like when you're car sick
Dead right, you need a headlight you're headin for darkness
Get Christ, you get life, you're dead as a carcass
We're tellin' men, you're sins are red as a carpet
He jus wont forgive you, He'll turn your debt into profit
You need to sweat Him and let Him get into the cockpit
Halt the "co-pilot" talk you need to stop it
Man, you ain't in a benz, you're in the rocket
Life's to heavy for you, you'll men will drop it
We saw it fit, to take His path and walk it
Was on a high horse but got knocked right off it
Fought wit Christ, but we were forced to forfeit
Had a towel, but we were forced to toss it
Had ego, but thank God we lossed it
Sin's signal was strong but thank God He crossed it

(The Ambassador)
Oh, what a sight now, we're livin' right now
Use the skills till we put the mic down
Check it yo, cause the flow is like a nightgown
Rep Christ for life, so you know we got the right sound
And though the world is godless
We thank God that God has called us
From bein ballas, and playas, and pimps and alcoholics
Times are hard, but we must still run our hardest
"Run like Forest", wit a limp, but we run regardless
For His glory, we wanna be the flyest artist
But because of what are vocals be, socially we may die as martyrs
Might have to take flight and say our "Sayonara's"
But that's all right, we're meetin Christ in the sky tomorrow
So no more weed in us, no more Hennessey in us
We've been freed, indeed, we've got His seed in us
So while you're teasin us, He's gonna present us
Faultless and blameless, cause He died for these sinners

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