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It's Going Down

This song is by The Cross Movement and appears on the album Holy Culture (2003).

What's up y'all? It's Life, yeah I'm still rappin'
Haven't been in action, but I haven't been relaxin
Took a little breather, cause it wasn't either or
It was war, my spirit was in need of the LORD
And I'm sore from the fight, but its right now
Armed to the tooth wit Biblical truth, ready to be light now
And salt now, so let's put it on now
Get it torn down, for the King who wore the throne crown
My position has risen from misery
No longer a slave to gifts that God has given me
Just to see, you can check out my history
Peep my time line, it's by Divine design, no mystery
I used to dabble in some black magic
'Cause I used to sell crack on the corners to the crack addicts
Now I bust for Christ like I'ma akmatic
And if I sound mad, you're right 'cause I have had it
This life, we're all bad at it
And if you're not in the light, you're in the dark taken stabs at it
Trust Christ, He can adjust like craftmatic
And you can begin wit Him, instead of end tragic

(Chorus: repeat 2X)
Let's get it on now, get it torn down
Let the horn sound, let 'em know it's goin' down
Ya city, ya town, ya hood, ya ground
Ya block, now know son, it's goin' down

Life is priceless, that's why Christ did what He did
So when I'm on the mic, it's to let men know the night gots vices
And Satan gots darts sharper then ice picks
I never wanna spit, jus to say that I'm nice wit the verbs
You havent heard?, herb ain't righteous
Get it from the ground and found that you can pipe it
It wasn't meant to be a part of every day life, if
The hennesy is your remedy to the trifeness
You're lifeless, but if you accept Christ, His
Offer wont cost ya, and you'll escape the lightless
His life gives light to the path of the sightless
Strictness, tightness, narrowness, righteous
Death and life switch, when you know Jesus Christ is
LORD of your life and sacrifice biz
Is worth, the physical hurt, cause after this life
Its more then all right worship all light
Unflawed bodies wit an unflawed Christ
So let's get it tight, get our lives right
And let our light shine like Madeline Albright

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