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Closer To You

This song is by The Cross Movement and appears on the album Holy Culture (2003).

(Chorus: J.R.)
I wanna be closer to you
I wanna be your hearts desire
I wanna be number one
Even though you play me shy

I wanna be closer to you
I wanna be all you need
So wont you give me a try
And watch Me change your life

(The Ambassador)
It's the 2-00-3 and I'm lovin' it "B"
The blood covanent is still coverin my brothers and me
Though we all love urban livin'
For us it's not about "herbs" and "women"
It's bout spiertin the words of heaven
Lord something's still wrong wit the picture
I'm workin for you daily but barely I'm gettin' witcha
Something keepin' me from gettin' wit You
Diggin in your Scripture for food where there's infinite truth
You get pushed to the side like when I'm cockin a brim
It's like we're on the couch but we're on opposite ends
Lord, come and put a stop to this friend, I'm lockin us in
Tonight it's me and You back in the pocket again

(The Phanatik)
Goodness gracious Lord
Anybody in the hood every taste this before
Ever been chased by the Lord?
Embraced by the warmth of the Son
Then end up wit their face on the floor
I love what you cooked up, to make me look up
Said I could pick your brain if I picked your book up
And ever since the day you and I hooked up
Life has been Super Fly like Jimmy Snuka
But I know you want more then Sundays, more then cliches
What you want is for me to obey
And if I can't give jack
You don't want my hands if my heart ain't attached
Wit out my heart to match, my lip service is dead like artifacts
Though I call it worship
And wit no ring on my hands and as a single young man
There's more to give and I can hear you sayin' to me

Dad, I love you and you know it's true
But I don't show it all the time when I'm goin' through
Its hard to stay in front of you
Focus ain't easy, cats are greasy
The world's systems is set up to deceive me or leave me
I know where your love comes in
And I know for sure you gon judge sin
So as I work through life and watch my doctrine closely
I stay close to you so you can get the most of me
Now if things feel different I'm the one trippin'
If we seem distant I'm the one slippin
You're the same as You have always been and will be
Representin you is what fulfils me

(The Tonic)
God, I say you're the greatest light of my life
Your corss, the greatest sight of my life
When I believed, the greatest night of my life
Since then, it's the greatest fight of my life, to get at You
That's why I'm so glad you don't do it like ... I
Patience and love, you don't do it like ... I
Forgiveness and stuff, you don't do it like ... I
Even though I play you shy
'Cause I'm a model of the man
Who be followin the plan
But like the hood be sayin'
"Yo holla at your man", You say "Holla at your God"
And read the love letter I inspired
You're never satisfied until you're wit me
And it gets me: I study wit zeal and energy
On a mission to affect the industry
Mature in the faith, and I'm active in the ministry
All that and I can still hear you sayin' to me

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