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This song is by The Crash and appears on the album Comfort Deluxe (1999) and on the album Selected Songs 1999-2005 (2005).

Boo! Morning grey, sober up today
Feel this pouring rain, it's the deepest sea on earth
Hear this crying wind, it's the sadest song I've heard
-wings are growing on her

Oh, Fidel, I know. Your princess has gone with the flow
Oh, Fidel, I know. Angels they form into snow

Cool everything and you'll hear her sing
Here we live to see all loves oddities
You pray for foreign gods to bring your love to you
-hear him bouncing the doors

Oh, Fidel, I know...

My princess
My angel
My everything
My honey pie, oh why?

Written by:

Teemu Brunila

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