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​Wet Nightmare

This song is by The Cramps and appears on the album Big Beat From Badsville (1997).

Tomorrow will be glommy with a chance of morning frogs but this just happened to me while I was sawin' logs I seen a striptease torture and blackbirds flyin' backwards and a pagan rout in a hellhole in a bed full o' crackers it was a wet nightmare... there was a pin up girl painted on the wall of a cave a wolf whistle and a leather girl and a slave I got the mascara whiplash from a shockwave o'showgals stripped gears an' firls an' reemed an' stroked valves it was a wet nightmare she-wolves in six-packs put on warpaint in an earthquake I drank booze from their shoes with no pants or brakes a load o'girl in arms and a bit in my teeth panties on my head... corkscrew heels on my feet it was a wet nightmare