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Voodoo Idol

This song is by The Cramps and appears on the album Psychedelic Jungle (1981).

The night came down
The sky turned black
The jungle drum beat
The natives back
The voodoo idol stepped forward from the crowd
Lightning split the sky and thunder shook the ground

He had coal black hair
And laser eyes
His pale white skin
Against the darkened skies
Seemed to say that the wind was at his call
Then a silence fell as the Idol said nothing at all

And then he raised his hands
The night stood still
He looked around at the crowd until
The voodoo doctor gave him a guitar
Then they all bowed down
In the light of the voodoo star
And it sounded like this

And there he passed
Through their hungry lips
His holy blessed sacrament
He spoke no words
But they all knew what it meant
Yeah he rolled on the ground
And he danced while reading his hands

Yeah and then he rolled his eyes
And sang from his heart
The jungle creatures
From near and far
Came to lose their minds under his spell
And then what happened next to this day no one will tell
He sang voodoo
Voodoo voodoo voodoo
He sang voodoo
Voodoo voodoo voodoo

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