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Eyeball In My Martini

This song is by The Cramps and appears on the album Look Mom, No Head! (1991).

I went out to eat the other night
Picked up my girl at eight
In my soup I found a fly
But, there beyond my plate
Was an eyeball in my martini
A highball with a twist
One in my linguini, too
I said, "There's somethin' wrong with this." Eyeballs, eyeballs, eyeballs
Eyeballs everywhere
Eyeballs, eyeballs, eyeballs
Floating through the air
We went to the 'musement park
To ride the Tunnel of Love
But, when I went to hold her hand
There was an eyeball in her glove
We went to Lover's Lane
To skan for U.F.O.'s
You just imagine what I saw
When I pulled down her panty hose! I took my baby home
For a juicy good night kiss
But there was an eyballs starin' at me
Between her parted lips
I went to the institute
And asked the doctor there
In the department of eyeballs
"What's this burden that I bear?" He said, "You ain't crazy." He said, "You ain't insane." "It's just you got an eyeballs in the center of your brain!"

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