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Devil Behind That Bush

This song is by The Cramps and appears on the album Big Beat From Badsville (1997).

There's a devil behind that bush there's a devil behind that bush weird wigglin' dance scared me outta my pants that devil behind those fire red lips I was scared stiff that devil behind just one peek got me rattled up the creek without a paddle that devil behind there's a devil behind that bush pointy wigglin' tail whatta evil female devil behind I was ridin' home just last night when I came uponan eerie sight cat eye's glowin' in the dark evil-lookin' and flashin' sparks oh that deil behind... hidin' there in her devil suit scary, horny head, but... real cute that devil tail wiggle sure looked fun but somethin' 'bout her giggle told my feet to run oh that devil behind...

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