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Badass Bug

This song is by The Cramps and appears on the album Big Beat From Badsville (1997).

Ow!...i got the bug! I got the bug, I got the bug I got the great big badass bug I got the bug, mop, got the bug I got the great big badass bug I was hangin' around, mindin' my own watch the girls dance watchin' them goin' then it happened, jumped outta my skin know I'll never be the same again I got the bug... now I know why these badass girls twitch and squirm, twist and twirl they're get bitten same as me they wiggle they jiggle, they shout "whoopee!... I got the bug... buggabuggabuggabuggabugga-me-baby buggabuggabuggabuggabugga-me-baby buggabuggabuggabuggabugga-mop-ooh I got the bug... pointy shoes, the devil's dance badass dolls in skintight pants badass world in a tailspin I ain't never goin' back again I got the bug...

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