The Crabs Sell Out / The Crabs Freak Out (2012)

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Compilation by various artists.
The Crabs Sell Out - The Crabs Freak Out
Both covers
The Crabs Sell Out
  1. The Past Tense by The Past Tense
  2. Super Heavy Soul Mammoth Explosion Remix by Stay
  3. Lost Is Found by Sky Picnic
  4. Occupy/Divide by Anton Barbeau
  5. Pillsbury Palace by The Seventh Ring Of Saturn
  6. Not Quite Home by The Bevis Frond
  7. Great Esmerelda by Jack Ellister
  8. Are You Wooltoned by Rob Clarke And The Wooltones
  9. Hits Me Like I'm Stoned by The Lucid Dream (Live on Dandelion Radio)
  10. Cedar Hill by King Penguin
  11. American Mourning by Johnny Vines
  12. Drifting Away by Soft Hearted Scientists
  13. Eleanor by Leigh Gregory
  14. Poor Old Thing by Beau
  15. Adam Adamant by Paul Roland
  16. Tuitsie Fruitsie Ice-Cream Man (Madman Blues) by Permanent Clear Light
  17. Rosalyn by The Pretty Things
The Crabs Freak Out
  1. Concert Intro by The Chemistry Set
  2. Another Strangest Thing in the Ocean by Vespero
  3. Ride in the Stars by Red Elektra '69
  4. Random Generated Future by Vibravoid
  5. Cube Abuse by Vert:X (Live)
  6. A Drop in the Ocean by The Luck Of Eden Hall
  7. Space Hopper Blues by Sendelica
  8. Helice De Sauco by Anla Courtis
  9. In the Garden by Earthling Society
  10. Big Old Sun by Temple Music
  11. Introduction to an Interlude by Helicon
  12. Remembering by Hills Have Riffs
  13. Nancy's Song to Psyche by Language Of Light
  14. The Castle Spectre by Palace Of Swords
  15. Pollen by Helicon
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