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The Sentiment Inside

This song is by The Crüxshadows and appears on the album Ethernaut (2003).

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Rewind - I only want to listen to you sleep

Do you dream of places close to me?
I don't know how to make this right
I never thought I'd ever breathe so tight
Confusing, the issues underneath
I don't know how to find this place
Locked in a box inside a cage far away,

Singing songs for rainy days
And I want to tell you
But words so clumsy are not my friends
They starve these thoughts when they begin
And I still need you to know
But my lips are tightly holding back

The sentiment inside is lying trapped
Higher, higher than the skies above
And deeper than the cells within
I love you more than these
I love you more than they do

Three splinters hide below this shell
Where yesterday provided me this hell
And left me, lifeless, empty
And you're asking for more than I can give
But it takes so much air for us to live
Completely, I understate my haunted dreams
I really don't want to sleep just yet -

I think about this... as I lie in bed
Let me forget, the color of my death
I know it's not fair to live this way
Still I've said about as much as I can say
And I would, take it all back if I could...

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