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Edge Of The World

This song is by The Crüxshadows and appears on the remix album Fortress In Flames (2004) and on the album Shadowbox (2005).

I walk alone at night
Raindrops and streetlights
Reflecting flashes
Across the asphalt

In a second's time, I might refrain from breathing
With her hand in mine, something is breaking faster
Through a blackened sky, I see a world unravel
I look into her eyes to see the end
In a second's time, the walls swim cold electric
With a tearful smile, she whispers my undoing
In the hollow night, I find no trace of comfort
I turn just in time to see the end

I walk the edge

Standing on the velvet edge
Looking backwards in the rain
I wonder just how many times
I've watched you walk away
All that fascination bleeds
Is a piece of infinity
In frustration still believing
What I know will never be

Blurry eyes growing weak
Fading with the light of time
Piercing nothing to redeem
The emptiness with lies
Pride has raped the sorrowed heart
And stolen what I love
Though the cut is digging still
How much deeper it could go

Why did you come here
Just to break my heart again?
I walk the edge
Why did you come here
Just to sever my last remaining thread
Why did you come here
Just to watch me fall again?
I walk the edge
Why did you come here?
I walk the edge

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