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Saint From Hell

This song is by The Coven and appears on the EP Witching Hour Of The Coven (2006).

This is not the church
Of Jesus Christ
This has become...
Insidiously evil

This priest was possessed by the demons
He granted himself a passage to Heaven...
By killing feeble little children
One could almost hear Jesus weep...

As the voice talked in his head
He felt himself fall to pit
Rising from that inferno...
He was not the man he was

He finds his peace from the Christendom
That loves his evil deeds
Or so it might seem...
Since they are rotten to the core

Dark secret of the rectory
He hid his league with Satan
As they came for answers...
All they got was Bible in flames!

You're the Saint from Hell!
There you shall dwell...
Eternal rest in Hell

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