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​Sabbathian Substances

This song is by The Coven and appears on the EP Witching Hour Of The Coven (2006).

Sabbath raises its head
Spreading some tartarean lust
Conjuring you by drums
Heed the call you must!

Black masses move to the east
Through the woods, an occult rampage
Valpurgis night feast
Naked girls with candles

Ancient prayers cast out
Father will take a new bride
Summoning the He-Goat...
All right!

Oath of black blood
Blaspheme and renounce it all
Pledge yourself to samhain's lord...
By his side we mortals crawl

Smoke rising from the hills
Blessing its sons and daughters
To overcome the false lord's will
Spreading lust and darkness!

What their passion brought
Replaced with dark thought
Beautiful is that sanctuary
Where they walk with flowers they carry, yeah...