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​Give The World A Smile

This song is by The Corley Family and appears on the compilation Down in the Basement: Joe Bussard's Treasure Trove of Vintage 78s (1926-1937) (1977).

Give The World A Smile
Are you giving to the world a smile
Helping lessen someone's dreary mile
Do you greet the world with song
As through life you pass along
Cheering those you may meet along life's way

Give the world a smile each day
Helping someone on life's way
From the paths of sin bring the wonderer's in
To the master's fold to stay
Help to cheer the lone and sad
Help to make some pilgrim glad
Let your life so be that all the world might see
The joy of serving Jesus with a smile
Give the world a happy song today
That will help some pilgrim on His way
You can tell him of the Lord
And His heavenly reward
If you'll only follow Jesus day by day