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Shadows Fall

This song is by The Coral and appears on the album The Coral (2002).

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Shadows Fall
Morning calls, darkness draws,
Upon this day a shadow falls.
Silence walks through the halls,
Since I've been gone, gone, gone.
A hundred years from today
Lamplight blaze paves my way.
'Til Jesus saves my early grave,
I will be gone, gone, gone.

Drop the anchor, lift my heart,
From stem to stern I'm torn apart.
Mount my horse, pack my cart,
Tomorrow I'm gone, gone, gone.
Seek the hull, leave the deck,
Silver moon, silhouette.
In due time you will forget,
That I am gone, gone, gone,
Since I've been gone, gone, gone,
I will be gone, gone, gone,
Tomorrow I'm gone, gone, gone.

Written by:

The Coral

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