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I Remember When

This song is by The Coral and appears on the album The Coral (2002).

I remember when I saw the sea freeze
But it said nothing of the birds and the bees
That were swarming around my head
Singing You'd be better off dead

But I ain't going down like that
No I ain't going down like that

Because I'm better than him
And I know where I've been
And I know where I'm comin' from
A lie is a sin, but don't we all sin
That is the truth, and the truth is grim
Now he's in jail and his story is for sale
The farmer's dog wags his crippled tail
It points to the West and leaves out the rest
And invites you to be his special guest

I remember when I saw the leaves fall
I was in the woods, in a gown you wouldn't wear to the ball
Into the ditch I fly wanted dead or alive

But I ain't going down like that
No I ain't going down like that

Written by:

James Skelly

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