The Coral:Calendars And Clocks Lyrics

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Calendars and Clocks

This song is by The Coral and appears on the album The Coral (2002).

Pretty pendant descendant of joy
Return the father to the boy
Resent your past, repent at last
We are only lines on a map

Calendars oooooh and clocks oooooh and hickory docks

Find a feeling that feels okay
Find another to blow it away
Who are you and who am I
Please don't ask me I'll break down and cry

Calendars ooooh and clocks ooooh and hickory docks

There's nothing more than the seashells on the sea shore
Nothing more than the church bell that rings no more
Nothing more than the scenes behind a closed door
Nothing more than the rich and penniless poor
Nothing more no nothing more

Calendars Clocks and hickory docks (tick tock)
Calendars Clocks and hickory docks (tick tock)
Calendars Clocks and hickory docks (tick tock)

Written by:

James Skelly and Nick Power