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Lapitu (Bedtime Story)

This song is by The Cooper Temple Clause.

As I lie with you
Hear your request
Tell me a tale
To send me to sleep
Just give me peace from the secrets I keep

Alone on an airship
Away in the clouds
Saw it on TV
Barely a child
I know it exists I just can't find the fall

Its bronze was all stale
Seven feet tall
Gardener cared for the greenery

And all I can do
Is sing this to you
Silently hoping that you will remain
So I may sing stories to you once again

It's all I remember
The Japanese dream
A boy and a girl who fell from the sky
He licks the wounds, wipes the tears from her eyes
She wept and cried for those who had died in the fall

But all they may do
Is just stick together
Sit this one out,
Aching as ever
Shells fly, the night sky, the airship is just out of reach

Just see it through
It won't last forever
Just keep the light and the tale that I told
And all of the dreams you and I stand to fall

Naked and tired
I guess I'll be fine
All that I ask is don't cut the line just yet

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