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​Postcards From The Edge

This song is by The Contingency Plan.

You say there's a sadness in my eyes
Inevitable when surrounded by lies
Settle for second best without a fight
I'll be sold out when the price is right

When the stars are gone
You can carry on
Hold your head up high
And the clouds roll by

I don't care what you say
You never meant that much to me, anyway
Just keep living for myself
'Cause you'll never know what I thought or how I felt

You say I'm selling myself short
Sharing my heart only as a last resort
"You'll never pull yourself through"
Isolation from all I knew

Where's your smile now?
You'll still wonder how
I held my head up high
When I passed you by

I'm not ending today
Did you think that I'd just lay down and die?
Did you think that you meant that much in my life?