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You Sound Dumb

This song is by The Constructus Corporation and appears on the album The Ziggurat (2002).

Thank you for all your - like - stupidness
You - you like
My fertilizer

I got you all listening
Carefully trying work out my
Fantasticly drastic tactics
As I bring it - slinging my slang
All deliciously vicious from inside this
Beautiful electromagnetic storm

Buckle up kids
I'm just getting warm

Authentic reaction
'Cause I rap about stuff that actually happens
Instead of sucking shit out my thumb
Like most of these cats
All disorientated on the mic like "umm"
Not like the side of reality where situations
Keeps fucking him up the bum

These indigenous MC's
No exactly what I mean

How long as it been
Just break out the vaseline
Make sure that ash is clean
And We can get busy

I don't even need to hear your rap
I can tell your crap by your stupid mannerisms

You're the type of bitch
That I use to fuck in prison

Wa-what ? Sorry.
Was it like something I said?

It's all very easy
To fuck-with-yo-head
And I promise I'd rather be
Saying something nice instead
Plus I really wanna
Terminate this topic
'Cause I'm gettin' very tired of it
I'm'ma say this one last time
Listen up all you little men
Because I actually don't feel like having
To speak about this stupid shit again

Stop talking in those funny American accents
You sound dumb

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