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Ripples in the Mesh

This song is by The Constructus Corporation and appears on the album The Ziggurat (2002).

They have visited us from the dawn of time
And one can always read the signs.
Their rebirth into our world is always coursed with
Famine, plague and death.
Their latest manifestion, which seems to have been the most powerful
Happened in the midst of 20th century depression in central america
A child suffers from terrible nightmares
Nightmares that was so fearcely overwhelming
that they became, aware of themselves.
And they could even experience our realm through a lucid state
They learn to manifest themselves
And they studied, and watched, and schemed
Then grew and grew stronger and grew greater till they finally
announced their arrival to the world AS !

A highly successful multi-billionaire dollar soda pop industry
And their overwhelming success was so magnificent, so unnervingly final
That they soon heaved more power and capital than any country worth mentioning.
and they were eccentric, and they would paint the clouds and grow strange things and even scoop proud cities from the Earth, made to float and follow the golden sun

The Constructus Corporation presents, the Ziggurat.

The Ziggurat, a giant floating megalopolith of comfortable living,
housed four autonomous societies and over a billion people.
It was filled with more exciting personalities than a pomegranate is of pips
But for now, consider these two boys:
First. Randomboy. A tight young MC and a natural leader,
Who in time would change the world for ever.
And secondly, his best friend, the Kidtronic.
Now, when studying Kidtronic it is vitally important to consider the following
Him and his sister were orphans, and were raised by virtual parent personalities
Supplied by Constructus. Uhm, now.
At the age of 7,he had re-written their program instructions
and changed the parental shapes from loving moms and dads
into two big fluffy bears, that generally just acted silly and entertained his baby sister Anika.
At the age of 8 and a half.
He was arrested by the Constructus assistants for the first time.
His crime. He had hi-jacked two sprinter wet-wires servers
and was using them to embezzle third-decimal credit to his sister's favorite
virtual celebrities. It was the first in a series of five arrests.
Now, as you'd probably noticed, he was a complete genius
with all the tech- and cyber-reality
Kidtronic also designed games for devices called "playgrounds".
Which covered your eyes and ears.
He was also paid annual tributes by all the banks in the Ziggurat for not bankrupting them.
Now c'mon ! Let's see what he's up too.
Oh ! He's sleeping.
Dreaming. Changing, into what he will soon become.


Wait were am I? Breakfast table
Before school. A Mom and a dad. Anika.
She's feeding us eggs. I don't wanna eat eggs.
My dad's on the table. ARGH !
He's cutting my hand
Uh uh uh uh uh !

Almost at that precise moment
Thirteen years before, in a secret hide-away
3 kilometers under the Himalayas
The CEO of Constructus international
A certain Mr. Kiviaku? was in a meeting with the eyeless, prophet, witch named "Next"

(Tell me what you see?)
Ah hahhafghghghha ! Lord
There will be danger ahg - (danger ?)
Ehh (What? What is it source?)
Too much static uirghghg.Disturbance.
(Speak next. What is the threat ?)
Lord it is fast. Thirteen years from this moment.
(Thirteen years...Thirteen years !? What is it's face. Where will it come from.)
Lord, it seems to be invisible. All I can make out is... ripples.
Ripples in the Mesh.
(Well then find it Next!)
I cannot, the pattern that the chaos weaves is too frantic, too - rand- AURGH

One will rise that will earn friends
The (?) of time uncoils, and your blood (the tips?)
(Prophet enough! An invisible threat. Thirteen years from now.)
Capable of wiping Constructus off the face of the Earth
A mere random ripple in the mesh that threatens me a god!
What created light, our light that cripples radiance
to be snuffed by a mere, random ripple in the mesh
Then I will create our champion. hahaha. Our own hideous weapon.
And send him up to dwell amongst the humans
and seek and destroy the ripple-maker

And that very same day, two children were born on two different places on the Ziggurat.
One, to loving family; and other to a multi-national corporation.
But right now back to our story

Kidtronic had woken up and was loading his new game "Long Street" onto his playground.
He wanted to show it to his friend Randomboy.
He was hoping that they might get a chance to play it on the way to the MC competition.
He was feeling a little nervous because him and Randomboy had both entered the competition.
It was very prestigious. and the biggest of its kind yet.
At the moment, he was concentratin on the show, doing some breathing exercises.
When the assistant enter into the room, without warning.
[breathing] BOO ! ARGH
Oh jeez, you scared the bejesus out of me. Don't do that.
So, where you going ha 'Tronic?
[gasp] Yes you are. You're going to that MCing competition aren't you
No I'm not.
ohoh ! Please can I come with you, PLEeeeeease
No Anika, you're too young.
I'm not ! Please, I won't bug you I swear, I sweaaaaar !
I promise, I won't even stand close to you guys
Anika stop I said no and that's final. I'm leaving - Bye bye
Oh he's such a stupid punk. I, hate him! He never takes me, anywhere!
But I love you Mr Rockadopolis

Uhm, yeah. I love you too Anika. I whip that kid's ass
No! You musn't Mr Rockadopolis. They shouldn't know that you're real. I hate him.
Did you know that he suffers from epilepileptic...
ehhhpelepileptic ... E-E-EPILEPILEPTIC seizures?! No, you wouldn't.
Only me and Randomboy knows that.
He doesn't want anybody to know. When they happen, he makes himself disappear.
And I especially hate it when he disappears.
ah, forget him! I`m going.

On the way to Randomboy house
"he suffers from seizures" [repeats many times]

I am inside of you
Jeez, what was that
I feel fine
What is he becoming

Randomboy opened his front door
And there stood Kidtronic, ridiculously punctual as usual
Yo Randomboy, said Kidtronic through his electronic telepathic interfacer
Check this out, he continued. Whilst downloading a game into Randomboy's playground.
I made this last night. It's called "Long Street".
I am the ju-ju man. You are Snuffle Gruff, which I still think is whack. You should make up you're own-
Hey man, interrupted Random Boy, we've been through this already
Yeah, well anyway, You must try and defeat me. Biter.
Boo! Don't do that Anika.
Yo, Randomboy! Whats' up ? Hey !
Hey sup Anika!
Go home.
No! I come with
No, go home. Go play with your dolls.
I don't play with dolls!
Then what is this. hahahah
Mr Rockadopolis is not a doll ! HE'S A MONSTER !
Don't be so mean. Give the doll back to her.
Hey look, Anika. we're gonna be performing so you can't hang with us. An there's gonna be too many people so,
You can't go by yourself. But I know my grandma and some friends are going so...
I mean, you can go with them.
I can look after myself.
No you can't.
They're oold ! And I want to hang with you guys.
No! no buts. Were leaving. I'll see you later (Next?)
Those these guys think that I'm just some stupid little girl
I mean, Kidtronic wouldn't even let me play with the new game he made last night
Bong street or something. And now he won't even let me to come with!
It's not fair! I take those punk dicks out any day at MCing
Yeah, watch me flipititititit...

Some of the characters in my dream had nightmares, and took it upon themselves
to trick me into believing they're real
now taking them out, one by one, (?) their play with pay just for fun
Here we come !
Three strange meta-morphing (hoodoos?)
bout to rearange,the realm of the (nulus?)
Everybody doodoos, undo the voodoo
Cookoo heh Booboo, good morning
We got up with the frequencies, squeeky clean, (?) of me
Creep sneakily through your dream machine
Sunny got the snuffling,
chuckiling, bubbleling, tumbling snuggleling, plogging, (?) duckling, ugly sucking tss
Moving in out of bodies freely, no-body can see me.
Creepy crawly, heeby jeeby, (?), touchy feely
La la la la la

What the hell is that ?
Something strange is goin' on ?
get away.
I don't want you going in the woods again, yeah, I'm warning you

The people of Long Street lived very simple lives
They had Wonderful natures, they were never impolite
Up until the day the Ju-ju man, came to town
now check it out, as I break-it-down.
Mrs. Lekkerlegs. Was busy hanging her washing on the line
So what happened next was definitively like the last thing on her mind
An unfamiliar voice behind her said: "How do you do?"
erhm "I'm very well thanks" she replied "but now, who are you?"
The strange character in a top hat and a long black coat
Introduced himself politely, and then said "on that note I'd like to show you another something that I doubt you've ever seen
Take a look at this, beautiful machine
The strange little gadget started changing like magic
And cleverly made it's way up to the clothes line
And in a blink of eye it removed the clothes, and span them around 'til they were dry
And they all folded very neatly, in no time
Eummh some Mrs Lekkerlegs was quite taken back
Very curious about this mysterious character in black
Very soon the whole town was making the scene
About the Ju-ju man and his amazing machine
Something very, extra ordinary, is going to happen at the Long Street carnival
Don't wanna tell you [what gives you that impresssion, he's crazy]
Something very, extra-ordinary is going to happen at the Long Street carnival
Wh-what you talkin' about?

The next day the Ju-ju man went walking through town
unaware of what everybody was talking about
he had some time to kill before his appointment a little later with the mayor.
So he took this opportunity to socialize a bit
And just between you and me the most surprising shit
It's about that spark, that strangest things have a habit of coming out the dark
But just when you expect them least umumu
Lies never rest in peace, anyway
Today was kind like, quite an important day
oh everybody has come to see the Ju-ju man special present for the mayor
He greeted crowd with a bow that open, his big fat sack. And that tack.
Presented the mayor with a black back-pack.
Everybody standing round went oohhh !
Mayor put it on, and I was like "ummhh. What does it do?"
All of a sudden two long white red button at the end, extended at the end of the back-pack
grab a'hold of them my friend.
The mayor follow this instruction and felt the power surge
As the special metal wings emerged
And everybody cried out with glee as The mayor took off clumsily, like a bumblebee
Something very, extra-ordinary is going to happen at the Long Street carnival
Wh-what you talkin' about?
-Keep an eye about that (?)
-You know whatever, I'm trying to do my work. Shut up
Something very, extra-ordinary is going to happen at the Long Street carnival
Wh-what you talkin' about?
-Hey, hey, I'm here. How many times am I.. C'mon. C'mon man. Have some consideration.

Now meanwhile in the woods

Now snufflegruff called an important meeting with a boom-band
Something's fun is going on, we better do something about it soon man
There's a humongus metal (?) spreading
and everyone's acting weird
I'm just trying to think of all this
We're the only one's who can see it
We've gotta do something to get everyones attention
and Hit them with our supernatural frequencies selections
We can to build thing in the back of my Grandpa's Donkey-Kong.
And take a nice cruise through town with a fat beats bumping hard
But we can call it, ummh, wait, the Long Street carnival
Cause I know that Ju-ju man is definitely up to, something horrible
Ok, we got, quite alot of stuff to do so, c'mon lets get busy
The big fish is about to get taken out by some crazy little fishes

-Get ready, let's do this
The big day arrived as advertised and everybody goes with the festive vibe
(It's a sun rose, the best?) the sky was shining extra bright.
Snuffing (?) his mind mesmerized these humans with his magnificient vibrations
Even some visitors from afar were like "man, isn't this amazing"
The speakers is bumped, as the boom-band freaked the funk
And all the smiling people feeling the song
Singing along, without a care in the world (shocking and clapping?)
All entirely unaware of what was about to happen.
Something very, extra-ordinary is going to happen at the Long Street carnival

-Oh listen old man, c'mon man youre being a pain in the ass
-Can you please just, for one second
Something very, extra-ordinary is going to happen at the Long Street carnival
-Get out that, quick get out. I can't work with you here.
-That (?) please leave. George!
-huh. Goodness Gracious

The Boom-band blew beautifully that sunny afternoon
The day the machine stopped working was the day no one will forget it soon
dreadful cry pierced through the Long Street carnival
as the Ju-ju man emerged from his brand new house on the hill
The crowd took on a new kind of alien evil
as the Boom band physcical vibe reveald his true form
People screamed as the evil fiend morphed into some kind of ? monster
with and excruciatingly high-pitched
like when you cook a lobster

But the boomband just kept on playing
and the creature rose up into the air and started spraying
this disgusting yellow smelly stuff as it flew back to its master
with his tail between his legs and everyone lived happily every after
The End.

Come on guys!
home many times am I gonna have to tell you
"No play-grounding in the yellow zone"
Thank goodness and assistant
So it looks like I'm gonna have to confiscate them, so uh..
do the right thing and hand them over
uh no, you cannot remove my friends playground from his face
who's gonna stop me?
Well obviously not me. I mean, just look how big you are. You must work out?
Isn't that right Kidtronic?
Oh random boy, I don't feel well
You cannot remove my friends playground face.
You see, there was a random chi surge a while ago
while we were playing a game and it seriously messed up Kidtronics ?
I mean, just look at him.
If you remove it now, you might do some serious damage to my friends eyes and ears.
That is why I too am wearing my playground.
Not just to look cool. No, but to rather let Kidtronic hack into my head and well
soothe my sense to stop the pain
Oh- the unbearable pain
isn't that right, Kidtronic?
Ack- it's a seizure
No man, just look we really have to go now.
You see, its to go see uh.. SnuffleGr-
Yes! Dr. Snufflegruf
Would you be so kind as to handcuff yourself to that tree, just look over there-
yes, please. Okay. Okay, thank you very much.
We're going now.

And off they went

Oh, woof. that was close.
Good acting Kidtronic
man- hey, yo, you can stop acting like that now, yo he's gone
yo 'tronic, what the hell is going on?
Do you hear (me or something?)

Just Breathe

Open the door
Don't do that.
There is something inside me. Help me. Random. Random Ripples in the mesh.

Come closer snuffle gruff. Random boy get back. Stay random boy.
My name is Kai. Kai, hmm.
I have lay dormant in the mind of Kidtronic for 13 years
he is a mere vessel
hmm.. oh
And he has fulfilled his task beautifully
to seek out the ripple maker.
To find him, attach himself to me who weaves the random chaos pattern
that could undo all that Constructus had done.
and this final threat
this natural abomination
this ripple in the mesh...
is you Random boy.
far out
We are the same
We were destined to collide
My very purpose was to make you
For you see, random boy
You are life
And I am death
And this is our beautiful union
That sounds like a cool game. What's it called?
Die Random Boy! Die!
"Die. Random Boy. Die?" Isn't that..?


and so Random Boy's shadow gets knocked the f-*bleep* out of him.

He, that's cool.
Put that in
And we should even leave the *bleep* in