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On The Way To The Arcade

This song is by The Constructus Corporation and appears on the album The Ziggurat (2002).

'Come one guys' said the slightly agitated assistant
'How many times am I gonna have to tell you, no playground in the yellow zones'
Now, assistants were employees at the Constructus Corporation
Their function was to make sure everything ran smoothly on the Ziggurat
Randomboy and Kidtronic didn't really like assistants that much.
'Now, (?) I'm afraid I'm gonna have to, eh, confiscate them so do the right thing and hand them over guys.'
'No', cried Randomboy 'You dare remove my friends playground from his face'
'And who's gonna stop me?' replied the assistant in a fairly commandant manner
'Eh, obviously not me' continued Randomboy 'Just look how big you are
I mean, you must workout. But now, please allow me to explain the situation,
You must remove my friends playground here from his face, or you'll cause him to slip into an incredibly dramatic epileptic seizure. And I assure, it most definitely not be a pretty sight.
It's been happening to quite a lot of kids on the Ziggurat lately, sure you've heard about it.'
'Eh what eh, ' stammered the assistant
'Yes, last time it happened, it took six assistants to subdue him, and many people were seriously injured in the process.
Truth, at the moment I'm currently escorting my friend here to his therapist,
That is why I too (?) my playground, not just to look cool, no, but rather to take (?) to hold his hand so to speak.'
Randomboy then took Kidtronic gently by the arm.
'Thank you very much' he added and off they went.
'Yo, that was pretty close' said Kidtronic
'Whatever, come'
They playgrounded to a few more yellow zones cloaked by one of Kidtronics frequency destructive programs and were at the arcade in no time at all.
Everyone was there, this was the biggest event of its kind so far.
People had come in from all over the Ziggurat to see who'd be crowned as the #1 MC.
The winner of this prestigious title would go on to become model for their very own idoru.
Idorus were the most popular entertainers on the ziggurat.
These virtual celebrities kept everyone as happy and as excited as they possibly could be.
All of a sudden, the moment they had all been waiting for arrived.
Lightining (?)
The ten best MCs on the Ziggurat stepped up and did their thing

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