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This song is by The Constructus Corporation and appears on the album The Ziggurat (2002).

Ching Lunghau (?) was taking a quiet stroll in the woods one day when he noticed a really fat cocoon hanging from a nearby tree. He walked up to the cocoon and quickly constructed a little cage around it using some of the surrounding foliage.
Ching then nipped off home to make the necessary preparations and returned after a little while with his hair in a tight plat and his outfit bound snugly around his ankles and wrists. He stared at the big dark butterfly with wide eyes, and then opened the little door on the cage as gently as possible. The butterfly hesitated briefly, and then suddenly fluttered away in to the distance, causing Ching to take a really big deep breath. He then exhaled completely and burst after it, waving through the trees at breakneck speed.
Ching was so focused on the butterfly, that he failed to notice the three camouflaged figures moving alongside him. He leaped up on to one of the lower branches of an approaching tree as the butterfly began to make its ascent, and proceeded with his pursuit. Moving higher and higher, from branch to branch. And then, finally, surrendered himself completely to the elements and caught the butterfly mid-flight, using a firm, semi-closed fist before landing gracefully on one of the upper-most branches of one of the tallest trees in the woods.
Ching heard something breathing behind him and spun around, but saw nothing. He then noticed that he was not just looking at the background, and that there, right in front of him, hung a girl covered from head to toe in some kind of strange, organic armour.
"Thank you for noticing us, little dream walker." she said as the armor retracted itself from around her face. "We just so love being noticed".
He then saw that just behind her hung two more fully camouflaged figures.
The butterfly shifted slightly in Ching's calm palm. He allowed a brief moment to slip by, and then suddenly snapped his fist shut, much to their surprise. Ching then opened his mouth wide and out of it emerged the same big, dark butterfly they thought was in his fist. It chitted off once again and then just as everything seemed to be returning to normal, Ching felt a perculiar sensation in his stomach and a powerful butterfly storm burst out of his mouth as he stood there on that branch high up in the tree.

"HUH" said Randomboy sitting up with a jolt. "Gulp, I must stop drinking hot milk before I go to bed."
He smiled at his dad who had just walked in to the room.
"How's it, ma boy?" He said ruffling Randomboy's head with an equally warm smile. "Hey, I nearly bought you a set of tools to fix up your cruiser yesterday, but, I think I can get them at a better price. Y'know, it's the thought that counts, eh!"
"Mhmm" replied Randomboy.
"But I gotta shoot" concluded his Dad, getting up from the bed.
"Bye Papa"
"Check you later, ma B" he said with a click and a wink, and was off.

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