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The Death of the Cog

This song is by The Cog Is Dead and appears on the album Steam Powered Stories (2010).

Oh, Mr. Hamilton, what have you done?
Look at this terrible trend you've begun!
You make me sick, you contemptible dog,
I blame you for the death of the cog!

Clocks used to be such magnificent things
Beautiful sprockets and dazzling springs
But you gave the people your digital beast
And in turn now all gears are deceased

How things have changed from when I was a boy!
Clockwork would tick and would bring me much joy
But, with your advent, there's no need to wind--
Everything charming has been left behind!

Oh, Mr. Hamilton, you dirty fiend
Your modern timepiece is cruel and obscene!
I was a lover of gears great and small
They all were my friends and you've murdered them all!


How could a person commit such a crime--
To murder immaculate keepers of time?
Why should a person so foul get away?
Hamilton, you're gonna pay!

So, Mr. Hamilton, just watch your back
Hide all those digital clocks on your rack
They'll soon end up smashed to bits in a bog
Because you, you, you, you, YOU
Caused the DEATH OF THE COG!


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