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This song is by The Coathangers and appears on the album Suck My Shirt (2014).

No you, yea ya separate you break it into two
Yea the one you loved you thought ya knew
But your breaking down, you don't know what to do
'Cause they're packing up, they're surely leaving you
But it ain't you! No it ain't you!
Adderall, we gonna take it all
Hit the road, we got a ways to go
So give me Adderall
Yea give me anything at all
Hit the road, we got a ways to go
No he, yea he's lying, yea he's lying through his teeth
Yea he's trying to lead you to believe
That he's telling truths, got nothing up his sleeves
But he's foolin' ya, so easy to deceive

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