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Haunted Melody

This song is by The Clientele and appears on the album The Violet Hour (2003).

Basketballs bounce out of tune
The streets are empty and the moon
Has shone on Mrs. Parker
And her daughter's soda water till they swoon

Golden evenings pass me by
Beneath a dream of darker eyes
And empty on a southbound train
Through Battersea in glowing rain, I ride

Oh, the music is so loud
Enchanting all the faltering crowds
To sing again their lonely melody

My heart is yours and I love you
You keep my mind as well
And sometimes here when I touch you
It's heaven and it's

So the years have passed me by
The library's shelves refract the light
And black and white will not make clear
The seasons and the reasons and my fear


Written by:

The Clientele

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