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Drink In My Hand

This song is by The Classic Crime and appears on the EP Seattle Sessions (2007).

I left a note on the table, I hope it finds you well
I hope you don't hurt like you did, 'cause I'd just blame myself
And I know its for me that I'm out on these streets bleeding nightly for these people I meet
But it's you who I long for when I cannot sleep
Its enough it could drive me to drink

And I am almost nowhere and I'm getting there fast
You're the hope in my cold stare
You're the drink in my hand

When I picked up you broke into tears
You said you weren't busy enough
I still don't know why you need me
And my broken down love
With each second that ticks your voice rings in my ears and the memories flood back from all of our years
And I tell you its ok, there's nothing to fear
And I secretly hope I am right

I left you last week and you told me, "Go on and follow your dreams,"
I think about that lately, still I don't know what it means
Because you're what I dream of when I wake alone, as I drift away as we talk on the phone, you're what I want and that's all I know
And I still just can't wait to get home

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