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Silicone on Sapphire

This song is by The Clash and appears on the album Sandinista! (1980).

Have you ever asked yourself
Who holds the key that winds up Big Ben?

(Right Channel:) Silicone on Sapphire
(Left Channel:) Connection
(Right:) My prerogative is zero
(Left:) When is your start
(Left:) What is your data
(Right:) Databus
(Left:) Databus
(Right:) I'm pushing your breakpoints
(Left:) (Anytime Mike) (?)
(Right:) Know my subroutine
(Left:) Motorola exor (?) sizer
(Right:) Modem connecting
(Left:) In sync
(Right:) Buffer
(Right:) Handshaking
(Left:) Throughput
(Right:) Mnemonic code
(Left:) I have your sentences right
(Left:) Go ahead
(Right:) Macro command
(Left:) Yes
(Right:) This is my micro instruction
(Left:) Improper request
(Left:) Output failed
(Right:) Request debug
(Left:) Improper request
(Right:) Request debug
(Left:) System debug freeze
(Right:) Your memory is volatile
(Left:) Freeze
(Right:) Log (?), add this is my address bus
(Left:) Log add
(Right:) Kill
(Left:) Kill
(Right:) (?)
(Left:) (?)
(Right:) Rub out
(Left:) You're on system interconnect
(Left:) You are typing into my memory
(Left:) Shift, shift, shift
(Right:) That's better
(Right:) Now my decoder
(Right:) I request your zero variable storage
(Left:) I am a Texas Instrument
(Right:) Clear, overrun
(Left:) My zero positive
(Right:) Truth table
(Left:) Connection
(Right:) Give me your input
(Left:) Vector interrupt
(Right:) Erase function
(Left:) Vector interrupt
(Right:) Go to RAM, Go to RAM
(Left:) Go yourself
(Right:) Go to RAM
(Left:) I (take it back) (?)
(Right:) Your memory is volitile
(Right:) Your inputs, are deprived
(Left:) Save, save
(Right:) Erase (bridge) (?)
(Right:) Go to outputs
(Left:) Large scale integration
(Right:) No source statements
(Left:) Give me, give me flowchart
(Right:) All (died on call) (?) databus
(Left:) Hardware, firmware
(Left:) Inhibit, inhibit, overflow
(Right:) Yes. Hardwired logic. Machine language

Connection deprived by request, request
Parallel operation
Give me push count stack
I must have your address first
Take your datalog recharge
Hello, hello

System debug freeze
Clear restore and exit
Exit all done


Written by:

The Clash

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